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You know that feeling. You want to blaze through fields and ride off into the sunset. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? It might seem like a utopia when the weather is cold, wet and way too windy. Fortunately, Baleno has a wide range of waterproof, windproof and breathable equestrian coats and jackets that guarantee to keep you dry when out riding.

There’s more to good equestrian clothing than only being waterproof and breathable. We have an eye for detail and take into account elegancy, practical pockets, noiselessness, etc. In addition, we make sure you look fashionable on all your rides and during your daily stable management.

Best horse riding clothes

For riding, you’ll definitely need comfortable equestrian clothing that is wind, waterproof and breathable and thus provides suitable protection against the elements. Obviously, you also want to look elegant, so we created nice designs. Quilted, tweed, fleece; the choice is yours.

Our 2-tone fabric and our Flexothane® range have noiseless properties. Perfect to make sure your equestrian clothing doesn’t scare a spooky horse. You also need your outfit to be durable and tear-resistant in case you have a stallion that likes to bite your clothes for attention. Even if your horse isn't that cheeky, you will be satisfied with those properties. You will be able to enjoy your clothes for many years to come.

Our quilted gilets and jackets are well suited for daily stable management thanks to their comfort, warmth and elegant looks.

No idea where to start looking for your perfect equestrian jacket or coat? Here’s a place to start:

  • Our Banbury is a waterproof 4-way stretch riding jacket for ladies with a fleece lining and hand warmers. Well-suited for any type of rider in all disciplines and all seasons.
  • Our Kensington is our best-selling waterproof and breathable long horse riding coat for women.
  • Our Livingstone is our best-selling waterproof and breathable long horse riding coat for men

A treat pocket, pommel flap and other necessary additions

As you won’t have that many pockets with plenty of room in your jodhpurs, you’ll be happy to know that we have coats and jackets with a treat pocket and sufficient extra inner and outer pockets.

The split in the back of your coat will help to cover your saddle and the back of your horse from the rain and cold. In addition, the pommel flap will prevent your underwear from getting wet.

Ladies equestrian clothing

Baleno has a large collection of feminine-looking, stylish coats, jackets, and bodywarmers that have been especially designed to perfectly fit a female silhouette. The pattern lines beautifully highlight your waist. It’s not only perfect for your next Instagram post, but the adapted fit is also more comfortable.

Have a look at our equestrian collection to find out more about our Baleno products.