Terms and Conditions

Publication August 2022

These terms and conditions apply to all online sales concluded through the Baleno webshop by Sioen NV and its subsidiaries. Please read them carefully before placing an order. By using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Registered office

Sioen NV
Fabriekstraat 23
8850 Ardooie
Tel. +32 51 740 800

Registered under number BE0478.652.141
ING 385-0014667-83 - IBAN BE 14 385 0014667 83 (BIC BBRUBEBB) - ING BANK BRUSSELS.

Sales Conditions

Sioen nv and its subsidiaries

Different selling parties are available on this webshop:

Legal Entitiy Address Region
Sioen nv Fabriekstraat 23, 8850 Ardooie, Belgium, BTW BE 0478.652.141 International
Sioen France sas Pavillon Hermès, 110 Avenue Gustave Eiffel, ZI La Coupe, 11100 Narbonne, France, TVA FR 49300774767 France
Sioen Nederland bv Smederijstraat 2, 4814 DB Breda, The Netherlands, BTW NL 8060.30.227.B01 The Netherlands
Sioen Ireland ltd Industrial Estate Bunbeg, Co. Donegal, Ireland, VAT IE 4621355M Ireland

Price indication

All prices are in euros (€) and include VAT at the applicable rate, unless clearly stated otherwise. Initially, Belgian VAT will be charged. As soon as you are logged in (with address data), the applicable rate will be adapted to that of your country.

These are the applicable rates per country:

ISO Country VAT Rate
AT Austria 20%
BE Belgium 21%
BG Bulgaria 20%
HR Croatia 25%
CY Cyprus 19%
CZ Czech Republic 21%
DK Denmark 25%
EE Estonia 20%
FI Finland 24%
FR France 20%
DE Germany 19%
GR Greece 24%
HU Hungary 27%
IE Ireland 23%
IT Italy 22%
LV Latvia 21%
LT Lithuania 21%
LU Luxembourg 17%
MT Malta 18%
NL Netherlands 21%
PL Poland 23%
PT Portugal 23%
RO Romania 19%
SK Slovakia 20%
SI Slovenia 22%
ES Spain 21%
SE Sweden 25%

All prices are subject to change without notice.
Promotions always run for the period indicated or while supplies last.

Offered items

The product in the catalogue and on the website are representative. In the case of the reproduction of existing items, changes may be implemented in function of the technical evolution, without affecting the essential characteristics of the product. The used images will be refreshed regularly.
Non-essential deviations from color and/or drawing can not be a reason to refuse the relevant goods or a price reduction.


The purchase agreement will be concluded in the website's language when you make the payment.

Delivery time

We will make every effort to deliver the products within the estimated delivery time, but we cannot be held liable if this delivery time is exceeded. The delivery times are only indicated by way of information and the seller is not obliged to respect these. All goods will be delivered subject to availability.

Delivery costs

The delivery costs will be calculated at the final step of the order when making the payment. Baleno only delivers in EU countries. Free delivery (carriage paid) is possible for all orders above € 100.

For orders below € 100, the amount depends on the country to which the goods are to be sent and is also indicated during the last step of the order.

ISO Country name Delivery costs (order < € 100)
AT Austria € 9,95
BE Belgium € 5,95
BG Bulgaria € 14,95
HR Croatia € 14,95
CY Cyprus € 19,95
CZ Czech Republic € 14,95
DK Denmark € 9,95
EE Estonia € 14,95
FI Finland € 9,95
FR France (1) € 9,95
DE Germany € 5,95
GR Greece € 9,95
HU Hungary € 9,95
IE Ireland € 9,95
IT Italy € 9,95
LV Latvia € 14,95
LT Lithuania € 14,95
LU Luxembourg € 5,95
MT Malta € 9,95
NL Netherlands € 5,95
PL Poland € 14,95
PT Portugal (2) € 9,95
RO Romania € 14,95
SK Slovakia € 14,95
SI Slovenia € 14,95
ES Spain (3) € 9,95
SE Sweden € 9,95

(1) Including the French overseas territories of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte and Reunion and the French overseas community of Saint Martin
(2) including Madeira and the Azores
(3) Including the Canary Islands

Your purchase and payment

Once your payment has been confirmed, your purchase will be final. By placing an order, you expressly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, including all statements and sections such as the Privacy Statement and return policy

Baleno reserves the right to refuse an order or to subject it to additional conditions such as large orders, orders placed by minors, incomplete order procedures or problems with previous orders. Payment shall always be made in advance and only via the proposed online means of payment. In case of late payment, Baleno is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect or to suspend delivery until the payment obligation has been met in full.

Retention of property

The sold goods remain the full property of the seller till the integral payment of the selling price, both the principal amount and the accessories.
The risk of damage to or loss of the goods shall pass to you upon delivery, which shall be when you or a third party nominated by you and other than the carrier shall take physical possession of the goods.

Questions and/or comments

Any questions, complaints or comments should be sent to our customer service using our contact form within eight calendar days after the receipt of the relevant goods. Such goods may only be returned with the explicit approval of the seller.

Right to return

More information regarding returns.


If the buyer provides proof that he has suffered damage due to the inferior or poor quality of the delivered goods, or due to another proven fault on the part of the seller, the purchase price of the used quantity will be considered as the maximum amount of the damage compensation. The buyer will not be entitled to any other damage compensation, regardless of the legal ground he would argue.

Warranty conditions

More information regarding our warranty conditions.

Force majeure

We will not be responsible for any failure to fulfill our obligations if this is the result of, or caused by any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as cases of force majeure, riot and disturbance, flood, pandemic, fire, strike, lockout, difficulties finding transportation and the enactment of laws.

If such circumstances make it impossible for the company to deliver all or a part of the ordered items within a reasonable time frame, our liability will be limited to the value of the non-delivered items, plus any associated delivery costs.

Content, prices, printing errors

All the information included on our website(s), is not considered mandatory or recognized as best practice. It must only be considered as useful advice in addition to other recognized practice guidelines. All the information on our website will be updated on a regular basis.

We check the prices and specifications to the best ability. Although we do everything we can to ensure that these are correct, we do not accept any liability for errors and/or omissions.


The content of this website and other publications of Sioen are the property of or are licensed by Sioen or are used with the approval of the owner. Reproduction - without our consent - is strictly prohibited.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy provides information on how we use your data. By accepting these terms and conditions, you also agree to the provisions of the privacy statement. By using this webshop, you unambiguously consent to all personal data obtained being recorded in a file and used for administrative and commercial purposes. You have the right to view this data at any time, to make changes or to oppose the use of this data for commercial purposes. You have the "right to be forgotten" and if you wish to exercise this right, you must inform us in writing by sending a letter to the address of the Registered office or by using the online contact form.

More information regarding our privacy policy.


In case of any disputes, only the Belgian courts will be competent, unless the seller decides to bring the matter before the courts where the buyer has its registered office. All the agreements will be subject to and will be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law. The application of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Movable Goods is expressly excluded.

There is also the possibility of online dispute resolution: The European Commission offers the possibility of online dispute resolution on one of their online platforms. This platform can be consulted via the external website of the European Commision.

Amendment or invalidity

Amendment or invalidity, in whole or in part, of one or more clauses of these conditions, does not result in renunciation or invalidity of the other clauses. Amendment or invalidity of a part of a clause does not result in renunciation or invalidity of the non-amended or non-invalid part of the clause.