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You definitely want to enjoy your garden to the fullest during those cosy spring evenings and hot summer days. In addition, you want to make your favourite dishes with your self-grown vegetables all year long.

Obviously, it takes quite some work to make that happen. Luckily, we can help you out a bit. By wearing appropriate gardening clothes, you will feel comfortable while working and above all, clothes adapted to the weather circumstances will keep you warm and dry.

The Flexothane® range will keep you dry and comfortable

Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect jacket and overtrousers for gardening? Look no further! You will definitely find it in our Flexothane® range. Our best-selling Arras waterproof jacket perfectly matches the Cartouche overtrousers. No rain shower will stop you from working outside.

What’s in a name? Flexothane® is such a good fabric for gardening clothes, as it is light and very comfortable. In addition, it is extremely stretchable (up to 150%), lightweight, waterproof, and noiseless. When kneeling to weed your vegetables, your trousers’ stretch properties will be much appreciated.

The Arras jacket and Cartouche overtrousers can also be very useful to rinse off your garden furniture, or maybe your dog when he’s been playing in the mud all day. You can quickly put them over your regular clothes and do your outside tasks without getting wet. Flexothane® clothes are also often used by fruit growers; as this type of gardening clothes will keep you dry while walking through sprinklers.

Fashionable fleeces for gardening

Next to waterproof gardening clothes, you will enjoy staying warm while working in your garden. You will be familiar with warm fleece bodywarmers, such as the Sally fleece gilet for women and the Harvey fleece gilet for men. Large pockets will carry your gloves and pruning shears easily.

Another interesting option is a fleece with an integrated drop liner, making it not only breathable and windproof but also waterproof. The Watson (for men) and Southwell (for women) are elegant fleeces with an integrated drop liner.