Baleno’s hunting and shooting clothing

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Rain shouldn’t keep you from hunting and shooting. We understand you want to feel this close connection with the countryside but that doesn’t mean you need to be cold or soaking wet. By wearing adapted hunting and shooting clothes, you will enjoy the outdoors a lot more.

Waterproof clothing: check. Noiseless: check. But also breathable? Bull’s eye! Baleno has a large range of waterproof coats and jackets that have been adapted to a hunter’s needs. In addition, we also have fleece gilets, waterproof trousers, hats, etc.

Clothes for all types of hunting and shooting

No matter which type of hunting or shooting you take part in, we have adequate garments that have been adapted to your specific needs. First of all, our range consists of jackets and coats that are wind-, waterproof and breathable. In addition, we also have a Flexothane® range that is wind-, waterproof, 150% stretchable and above all, noiseless.

We’ll make sure your hunting clothes won’t drive you crazy during your driven game activities. As a tracker, you’ll be happy with comfortable clothing that is robust, tear resistant and durable while crossing the woods through streams, and densely vegetated paths. The hunter, on the other hand, will need a good fit and a coat that allows him to move freely for quick gun mounting.

When stalking you will need silent, noiseless clothes to make sure the game you spotted doesn’t take off. As mentioned before, our Flexothane® range can be perfect in rainy weather circumstances. Find out which Flexothane® jacket, trouser, legging, bib & brace, etc. will be your new hunting mate.

In case you are hunting with your dog, for example, during walked-up game, the treat pocket and large game pocket can come in handy. When your dog brings you the game, you’ll want to put the quarry in your game pocket and reward your dog with his favourite treats. Again, wearing noiseless clothing is extremely important.

Baleno’s printed tweed

To top up, we have hunting and shooting clothing in traditional tweed patterns. The tweed we use is printed tweed. Did you know tweed is actually the original camouflage? In the 1900s, Prince Albert designed tweed for camouflage at his Balmoral Castle and other aristocrats followed his example.

The Baleno printed tweed fabric offers you the looks of traditional tweed combined with high technicity in one layer. The waterproofness of 9.000mm offers you the best possible protection against the elements while not sweating inside your garment thanks to a highly breathable membrane of 10.000gr/m².

An adapted female fit

It’s important that your hunting and shooting clothing offers space and movement. You need to have enough room for the different layers you’re wearing under your coat or jacket. In winter, with all those layers, you will still need to be able to move your arms freely for quick gun mounting.

As a woman, you can’t have the perfect fit when wearing a men’s jacket or coat. Luckily, Baleno has a large range that was specifically designed for women. This collection is feminine, elegant and highlights the feminine silhouette.

Feel free to search our collection for that perfect hunting jacket, coat or trousers you have been looking for.