How to find the best horse riding coat?

Horse tack is most certainly what horse enthusiasts will spend most time and money on. For people less familiar with horse riding: horse tack includes all equipment you can think of to ride, handle and care for a horse. From a saddle to a bridle, from reins to stirrups and so on. Fitting a horse with all of the necessary items for riding can make a difference in your riding experience but finding out the best riding gear for the rider is irrefutably also of great importance.

Why does clothing matter? What should you wear to go horse riding?

Have you ever experienced getting completely soaked while being out in the great outdoors with your horse? Have you ever worn an item which was not fitting well and therefore bothering your riding experience? All passionate horse enthusiasts must have had such an experience. This is why it is so important to learn which horse riding coat one specifically needs. Being able to enjoy the passion of riding or simply the passion of working around a horse without interruption during so called ‘bad weather’ is an advantage one cannot ignore. Mixed fabrics insulate particularly well against the elements. A good riding coat is also dirt and moisture repellent, so you can keep dry and warm when it rains. Also the breathable factor of a coat is something you might want to have a closer look at while purchasing the best rain horse riding jacket. If you don’t only ride in the outdoors but you are riding indoor as well, the layered look is recommended: for instance a breathable fleece under your riding coat with 3 in 1 I.L.S. system comes in very handy. It will protect you against colder winter days while quickly having the option to remove the fleece again when your body temperature rises because of the effort during the work-out. Not only the horse is working, also the trainer of the horse is!

Best horse riding coat

At Baleno, we have had the best experience in developing and producing technical rainwear clothing for centuries. What we found to be really missing on the market was a type of classic outback drovers long length equestrian coat. But one in which you can look smart and elegant while protecting you against the elements.
Our Kensington riding coat for ladies and our Livingstone long coat for men may become your inseparable partner to tack up your horse and/or to go out riding out in the great outdoors.

It is without any doubt a must-have in the wardrobe of every horse addict on this planet. Whether you are a trainer or a rider, competing or enjoying a leisurely ride, the Baleno 3/4 length coat is your perfect partner in windy, wet or even cold conditions. Thanks to its length, it will fully protect you from wind and water while offering breathable features. The fabric is tough and durable. For extra protection, the coat features a detachable and adjustable hood and pommel flap. A chilly day? Zip in a Baleno fleece bodywarmer or jacket.

Don’t forget about safety

Not convinced just yet? Discover the latest product: Kensington Safe!
Extra add-ons to our existing successful Kensington: Baleno has added Vizlite Pro tape for more safety to make sure you stay visible at all times. With only a few minutes of daylight, this trimming will glow for several hours. On top of that, there’s a second safety level as this tape is also reflective. Safe and fancy at the same time!

Here is a quick general summary of things to consider when looking for a riding coat:

  1. Material: Look for a coat made of durable, water-resistant, and breathable materials.
  2. Fit: Your coat should fit snugly but not be too tight, allowing freedom of movement without being restrictive. Your garment should also be long enough to cover your backside while you're in the saddle.
  3. Features: Consider the different features you might need, such as pockets for storage, ventilation for breathability, and reflective tape for visibility.
  4. Investing in a high-quality horse riding coat is worth every. Not only will it keep you comfortable and protected against all weather circumstances. it can also help you stay safe in the event of approaching danger.
    Choose wisely and happy riding!

The Baleno team!